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I was a child of the 90s and grew up around the internet, youtube, and various other techs that we take for granted now adays. However growing up around them made me curious about them, being curious about them made me study them, and studying them made me realize how to make money off them.

I've written hundreds of articles on websites like Triond but I like hub pages better (more tight knit community). I'm planning on writing at least twice as many hubs as I have articles, though I'll keep writing articles for the backlinks and potential income.

Expect plenty of tutorial based articles on everything in the world. I especially like writing about things like videos, fitness and health, and SEO.


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5/31/2012 - checked my profile page rank in google, it's now a PR 2 profile!


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8/11/2012 - http://crescentskies.hubpages.com/hub/medicinalherbs

12/5/2012 - http://crescentskies.hubpages.com/hub/HqFreeLinks

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    Problems Created With Political Parties

    6 months ago

    Learn the truth about political parties and how they really are. Don't fall for their acting and lying, the reality is much harsher.

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    Basic Herbal Remedies and Medicinal Plants

    21 months ago

    Herbs were used long before prescription medicine was ever conceived. While some herbs were used in silly ways many herbal remedies were discovered through trial and error. In this hub I will show you some herbs you...

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    How to Get Article Ideas and Overcome Writer's Block

    16 months ago

    Have you ever been at a loss for ideas? Do you have all the will in the world to write but can't think of a topic? This hub will show you where you can look to find your next inspiration for your next hub. Death to...

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    Get More Youtube Views: Youtube Under the Hood

    6 months ago

    Video Content is always important, but it's not the only factor for Youtube Fame. Tags, Description, Filename, and Title all of these are important. If you want more views, subscribers, and youtube fame then you'll need...

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    How To Get Free-High Quality Backlinks

    19 months ago

    Are you planning on buying backlinks or hiring someone to build them for you? Well stop what you're doing right now! You might be making a horrible mistake. If you want free, high quality backlinks for your website and...

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